the best professional tool for automating the trading process on crypto currency exchanges.

We made trading simple
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Crypto trading bot BankCoin helps to conduct business on the cryptocurrency exchanges, conducts transactions according to the parameters you set, allows you to get profit in the automatic mode and do not waste time tracking quotes. Combines powerful trading algorithms, lossless strategies, statistics and data on successful trades since 2009. Provides uninterrupted automatic trading and stable profitability in rising and falling markets.

Advantages of using

The bot does not trade in the negative. Tracks the dynamics of assets represented on the exchange, does not make mistakes in the analysis of exchange information and accuracy of trade transactions.

The bot never sleeps

Cryptocurrency exchanges work around the clock, they do not have days off and lunch breaks, which means that the trading bot works 24 hours a day, which allows you to achieve significant savings in time by automating the monitoring of the market and the trading process itself.

Lack of emotion

The lack of an emotional component in trading is the most important factor. A trading bot is not exposed to such emotions as laziness, fear or just greed, as is the case with humans, because it is the human factor that most often causes losses incurred by an investor in financial markets.

Everything is under control

The bot will notify you about the market situation, closed deals and new orders. You can assess the situation at any time and add the pairs you want to trade.


BankCoinBot performs the actions of a trader, only several times faster. Reacts with lightning speed to the changing market situation and is not afraid to make deals. The trading bot does not eat, sleep or get tired, it works all the time.
Without wasting time analyzing the market and learning how to trade, you can choose the optimal profitable strategy specifically for your trading pairs and deposit.

  • The trading bot works on a remote cloud server, you do not have to keep your computer turned on, you can always and at any time log in from any device from anywhere in the world and track the bot's work.

  • All investments are on secure and verified exchange accounts, which only you have access to.

  • By purchasing a trading bot you provide yourself with automated earnings on cryptocurrency exchanges and customer support.

Start using BankCoinBot
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Current prices for cryptocurrency
btc | Bitcoin

$ 64305.3

eth | Ethereum

$ 3477.75

ltc | LiteCoin

$ 73.93

bnb | BNB Coin

$ 585.19

ADA | Cardano

$ 0.37


$ 0.48

DOT | Polkadot

$ 5.65

LUNA | Terra

$ 0.4

DOGE | Dogecoin

$ 0.12

AVAX | Avalanche

$ 25.05

What is a crypto-bot?

Crypto-bot - a program in which algorithms based on artificial intelligence to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges.

What exchanges does BankCoinBot trade on?

Crypto-bot trades on the Binance and Bittrex exchanges.

What pairs does the crypto bot trade?

Bot trades all the cryptocurrency pairs that are on the crypto exchanges.

What is the minimum deposit at which the bot begins to trade?

Bot trades from 400 USDT or equivalent in other cryptocurrency.

How many pairs can the bot trade simultaneously?

The bot can trade with an unlimited number of pairs at the same time.
One pair must have at least 400 USDT or the equivalent of another crypto currency.
The minimum amount per pair is from 400 USDT.

How much does BankCoinBot cost?

The cost of the crypto bot, without a personal invitation, is 1500 USDt. If you buy a trading bot on the recommendation of a partner, through your personal account the cost of the bot is 1350USDt.

Can I lose my deposit using a crypto bot?

No. The bot was tested at different time intervals, both on growth and on large falls. There was not a single case of loss of a deposit. The maximum is possible to obtain the minimum profit per month.

Where can I get more information on a crypto bot?

Fill out the feedback form and our specialist will contact you.

How can I purchase BankCoinBot?

You can make a purchase in your personal account on the website.

How much does the bot's monthly maintenance cost?

You will need to pay 20USDT per month for updates and technical support.

What is included in the monthly maintenance of a crypto bot?

Software update, technical support, assistance in setting up trading pairs and consultations.